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My Creative Space

I'm pretty sure I have multiple personalities because I love dreamy, creamy white spaces that just ooze old vintage farmhouse but I also love colorful vintage coolers, thermoses, cabiny things....go figure!

Lately I have been sprucing up my home office (It's really just a room full of pretty things that I like to pass by and step in and stare at my pretty things.) Not entirely is the HUB for Prairie Sisters and I love to scrapbook and sew in here so it is an important room in my little creative mind!

Here's my dreamy, creamy white space.....It's filled with so many things that are meaningful and important in my life....My sweet Aunt Cheryl's (whom I am named after) hats that she wore the last 2 years she was fighting the ugliest form of brain cancer, a crazy cool window from the dining hall at the bible camp my kids grew up going to every summer, my Great Grandmothers eye glasses, old black and white photos of many very important women in my family, dried roses that my husband sent me, old door knobs that my mom collected for me and a gentle reminder about's a sweet place for my soul to rest and create!








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