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David and Jean's Historic Butte Home

My husband, daughter and I had the privilege of spending the night with David and Jean Abrams a while back in their beautiful, historic home in Butte, MT. David is a writer (and a mighty fine breakfast chef too) and Jean is well....a shop owner, collector of found objects, artist, etc....I was in heaven as I peeked around each and every corner and found amazing little collections, signs, restored items, beautiful old linens, and more....Here's a little tour of their home, I know you are going to enjoy it just as much as we did.

The Abrams darling vintage kitchen

The kitchen was the cutest little vintage kitchen with everything you need. Loved the butcher block counter tops and the gorgeous farm sink.

Warm and inviting formal living room

Jean has the coolest stuff! It was Christmas time (Okay, so I might have a little blogger's block, it's taken me a while to get around to posting this) and the house was festive and fun.

built in hutch in the formal dining room

They have beautiful old built in's throughout and Jean has them filled to the brim with her collections.

formal dining room

I loved her use of greenery and old found architectural items in the formal dining room.

And then there are her collections....and collections.....and collections. They are in every room and displayed so beautifully. From seltzer bottles to rolling pins to old signs and crocks and jars and linens and salt and pepper shakers and mirrors....she has them all displayed in great ways and you just want to sit and linger a while to take it all in.

Then there are the super old and comfy feather beds that will knock your socks off and guarantee you the best night's rest you have ever had!

I know I might sound a bit extreme but I'm telling you this place is amazing! I've decided she should open a bed and breakfast in all of her spare time! David made us the most delicious breakfast so I know it's a possibility!

Thanks David and Jean Abrams for your amazing hospitality and a lovely place to linger in...

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