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DIY Wine and Cheese Board

Hello! Can you belive we are about to jump into FALL! Summer always flys by! I've been working so hard all summer on outside projects and now with the cooler weather it feesl like it's time for some inside ones. I've been sneeking in a couple projects here and there in-between getting ready for our September 12th and October 3rd markets. This project is one of them, A Wine and cheese board with feet. I keep seeing wine and cheese boards latley with feet...and I'm crushin' on them! While out junkin' a couple weeks ago I picked up this nice cutting board and thought "this would be awesome with little feet!" Just so happens I also have a box of chair spindles sitting at home I picked up at an estate sale last year, they have come in really handy for projects. The first thing I did was sand down the cutting board a little to get the knife marks out, then applied olive and lemon oil to disenfect and condition. Then I cut the spindles to 2". I wood gluded the feet into position, then screwed through the bottom of the feet into the cutting board slightly...this made it more stable. DONE! A crazy cute wine and cheese board!

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