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Laundry Room

We all have it...most of us dread it. We pile it, we stack it, we avoid's LAUNDRY DAY!!! Having a family of 6 means A TON of laundry every week. We have lived in our home for 7 years now and most of that time we've had an unfinished basement and most of all unfinished LAUNDRY room. It was a little sad. We decided to jump into this project during Christmas break and I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT!!! If it's possible...I'm loving doing laundry! It truly makes me happy now when I walk into this room vs...the other one with nothing but a washer and dryer. Can I also say, that we did this on a very small budget!

*Shelf boards: Home resource for $20

*Shelf brackets: My Step dad made from 1/4" strap from pacific (he didn't charge me)

*Screws for brackets: $10

*Crates and wire baskets: I've collecting these for awhile, $2-5 each

*Laundry Sink and Hardware: Home Depot $65

*Sink Skirt: Fabric and elastic from Walmart $16

*White cupboard w/ Enammel top: Estate sale $20

*Ladder: Estate Sale $10

*Boxwood wreaths: Decor Steals $13each

*Chicken Feeder soap holder: $1 yard sale

*Jars for Soap and Softer: Ace Harware, $40

*Misc Laundry baskets: Sales, $20 for all

*Large Canvas Laundry Bin: BE at Home MT tag sale, $40

*Farmhouse Light Fixture: Yard Sale, $5

*Wooden Hangers: Walmart $6

*Ironing board: BE at Home MT tag sale, $20

*Canvas drop cloth Rug: Home Depot, $5

*Laundry Sign: I made this from scrap wood, $3

Total $324

Loving doing the laundry...PRICELESS

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