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Woodsy Floral Bedroom

Our little Miss Jillian turned 4 this winter, so we decided she was due for a little room update. She had a vintage toy nursery that we loved...but she's a big girl now, so the nursery needed to go. We kept all the shabby florals she had with her vintage toys added some woodsy! LOVE how it turned out mixing, floral, woodsy and vintage!!! Jillian LOVES her new space!

We built these shelves from left over lumber we had outside and used a basic bracket from the hardware store. The baskets are from target dollar spot and the dollar store. I made these little log slice stands from wood here at home and added these cute little feet from small branches. The banners are scrapbook papers sewn together and the printable on the wall are here

This little log table is also from the firewood pile outside, with branch legs added. I sanded down the logs and added conditioner to soften.

We added branches tho this board to make a place for dress up clothes, It's been a big hit!

Branches with Christmas lights behind the bed has also been a BIG HIT!

We spray painted this dresser for a pop of color.

Jillian has this little corner in her room that was perfect for creating a reading nook. I added a shower curtain rod with floral sheets to the wall to block it off a little and then added a bookcase and bench. It's perfect for quiet time!

There you have it, the tour of the woodsy floral room! I hope this inspires you to take what you have and create something new and beautiful!!!

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