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The BEST chalk pen EVER

We found the BEST chalk marker EVER!

Have you ever found the perfect chalkboard, the perfect place to hang it and then meticulously hand lettered the most amazing saying on it...only to have it become very permanent, because the saying won't rub off when your ready? (this sounds like an's not, we prommise) This has happened to us many times and so we went on a hunt for the perfect chalk marker!

We think we've found THE ONE and it's awesome! It's more of a waxy crayon, but writes like a marker. You can write fat or thin depending on the angle you use and when your ready for it to come off, you simply wipe with a wet rag. NO SCRUBBING! and it COMES off COMPLETELY! This deserves 3 cheers! It's the American Crafts Erasable Chalk Marker!

One helpful trick to getting regular chalk or this marker to come right off, is to properly prep your chalk surface! We learned this trick a few years ago and it's super helpful. To prep your chalk board or to "slate" your chalk board, rub a stick of regular white chalk all over the surface. Then, take a dry rag and rub the the chalk into the board. Wipe off the excess chalk powder, still with a dry rag. Now, your board is ready to be written on! If you ever wash the board, remember to re-slate it before you write again!

Now, you can practice all of those amazing hand lettering techniques without fear of ruining your chalk surface! Just click this link below or copy into your browser to purchase on Amazon! Happy Chalking!

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